Soundproof windows & How they work

Soundproof windows and how they work

If you live in a densely populated area such as London, keeping the noise well and truly outdoors is important, single glazing offers next to no insulation which is why people are turning to a minimum of Double Glazed windows.

Evenings in and much-needed sleep can be rudely interrupted by sirens, building sites and other loud noises that are all a daily feature of living in a city.

This is where having robust, soundproofed windows come in particularly handy. They make your general day-to-day more comfortable to live in and keep your home feeling like a true sanctuary.

Double glazing

One of the most effective ways to keep sound outside is to use strong and sturdy double glazing.

While it may seem like you’re just adding an extra pane of glass to trap the heat in, there is actually a layer of argon gas in between, which adds an extra layer of insulation.

The two pains are tightly sealed, which means that any loud noises are truly kept to the outside.

These panes are sealed within a tough uPVC frame, which means that they are completely airtight.

The material uPVC in itself is often chosen for its abilities to insulate properties and keep the elements outside, which is why it is so often chosen over other materials such as aluminium and wood.

Double glazed windows that are soundproof are also effective at keeping other elements out, such as condensation and cold air.

If your windows are letting in too much noise, or are steaming up on the inside, it likely means that your windows are far too old and need to be replaced.

New double glazed windows will always be more effective at soundproofing than older, outdated versions.

Soundproof windows

How does it work?

It is possible for sound to reach your ears through the walls of your home because the sound waves vibrate through both the air and surfaces.

This is why when you put a cup to a wall, you can hear what’s on the other side more clearly. The more layers you create for sound to travel through, the harder it is for those noises to reach you.

The layer of argon or krypton in between the two panes of glass is also effective at limiting sound waves travelling due to its denseness.

How do you ensure they’re soundproof?

The best way to ensure that windows are actually well and truly soundproof is to purchase them from a reliable supplier.

If you’re worried about your double glazed windows not being efficient enough, or installed by a cowboy builder, the best way to eliminate these worries is to do your research.

Double glazing that is expertly made and properly installed will absolutely soundproof your home to some extent.

In order to keep your home soundproofed against the outside world, you should be looking at high quality double glazed windows.

A phone call to a reliable and experienced supplier and fitter will ensure that your investment will not be wasted. This way, once the installation is complete, you can sit back and relax – and of course, enjoy a home that is nicely sealed off from the outside world.

There’s no reason to put up with the intrusive sounds of traffic and other loud noises when you can have a peaceful sanctuary to live in.

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