How much does a conservatory cost?

uPVC Conservatory

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the sun during the summer or a space to fill with fairy lights to make a cosy winter haven then a conservatory is a great place to let in light and add space. It helps to know average conservatory costs too.

As well as assessing how much space you have or will need to make room for, you may be wondering about the processes and costs of installing a conservatory.

How much it costs will depend on how large your conservatory will be and what style you need. But first, here’s the process involved in installing a conservatory.

The full process


If this is your first time installing a conservatory, you may be unaware of the steps involved. If this is the case, then you can expect the following process.


  • Choose your design: this is the most important part. You must, of course, meet your budget, but it’s important to pick a design that you will love once it’s installed.
  • Ask for planning permission if it’s needed: you are unlikely to need it if it’s under 50% of the size of the area containing your current home and is less than 4 metres tall. Surveyors will then come to look at the site to make note of measurements and other important details.
  • The foundations will then be built: it’s important to know that this may cause some mess in your garden, but the builders should tidy up and leave it looking presentable at the end of each day.
  • Construction will then take place: this will include the installation of electrics and plumbing. The finishing touches of plastering, flooring, and decoration will also be added. Once these finer details start being added, you can almost guarantee that you are not far off being able to enjoy your new conservatory.
uPVC conservatory with brick base

Total costs

The best way to find out how much your conservatory will cost is to ask for a quote.

This way, you can give them the exact measurements you’ll be working with and find out exactly what you’ll be looking at price-wise.

It will also give you some freedom to hunt around on the market. Generally speaking, however, here is a rough guide:


  • £4,000 and over for a small or standard conservatory, maybe surpassing £6,500 for the more medium-sized versions. However, some estimate that even smaller projects can start at £7,000.
  • Over £20,000 for much larger projects. This is when you cross into the ‘orangery’ category when it comes to style and size. You may even exceed £50k for more bespoke projects.

These costs refer to both the value of the materials and the installation; these shouldn’t be quoted to you separately, and if they are, the full cost should be detailed to you.

The best way to accurately know what your new conservatory will cost, and how long the process will take is to make contact with a glazing and installation company. If you’re wondering how much replacing just your windows will cost then read this article.

They will be able to discuss your expectations and provide you with costing and installation options.

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