Skylight windows – Are they worth it?

If you are thinking of getting a skylight installed in your home but are not sure if the initial outlay is worth it, then you have come to the right place. Get in touch with glaziers in London for a quotation on a skylight.

A skylight can be a wonderfully elegant and attractive aesthetic addition to your home, as well as having a wide range of other benefits for you and your family. However, it is not the simplest of interior features to install, and you will need to undertake some careful planning if you want to choose the perfect skylight that will complement and improve your property.

What are the benefits of skylight windows?

Choosing to install a skylight into your home will result in a multitude of rewards in terms of comfort, style, and monetary gains.

Skylight Windows

Natural light

Who doesn’t want more natural light to come flooding into their home? Especially in places or areas of your property that are notoriously darker or have little access to exterior walls for the installation of windows.

Skylight windows have the unique ability to let lots of additional natural light into your home, while at the same time ensuring that you keep a high level of privacy.

That being said, it is important that you carefully decide where to place your skylight, as you do not want to create too much heat in the summer months, resulting in a room or area that is unusable.

Reduced energy costs

A well-placed skylight can make a significant difference to your heating and cooling costs with south-facing lights being able to increase the temperature of a room all year round and the high position of skylights being able to let out heat in the hot summer months.

If you are concerned about a skylight making your home feel too hot in the summer, you should look to invest in a skylight that features in-built shades that can be used to block the sun as and when needed.

It is also vital that you ensure the skylight you choose has adequate glazing, whether that be double or triple glazing, if you want your skylight to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Add value to your home

If you are interested to know whether or not this home improvement will add value to your property, then you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only are skylights incredibly sought-after due to their fashionable appearance, but they are also in demand due to their green credentials. Home-buyers are increasingly looking for properties that can help reduce their carbon footprint and improve their overall energy efficiency; therefore, the addition of a skylight will significantly help your property stand out from the crowd if you do wish to sell in the future.

Are there any downsides to skylight windows?

Although not strictly disadvantages, there are elements of installing skylight windows that may mean this interior design feature is not the right one for you.

These include:

  • The expense – skylights are expensive to purchase, install and maintain
  • Potential leaks – although with proper installation your risk can be greatly reduced
  • Potential interior damage if the incorrect glass is installed
  • Potential roof damage – a skylight is not recommended if you have a truss roof

For more information on installing skylight windows, or any other double glazing needs you may have, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here today for a free, no obligation quote.

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